Naturally Fresh Pasta, Made With Passion

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LEO Juice

By fresh fruits and vegetables

LEO by FLO has always been committed healthy and nutritious options for people who live and work in the CBD area, and the newly-expanded juice menu is no exception. Through the window customers can watch how the juice were made and enjoy the lovely moment by the smell of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Also we have been updated the menu from 3 products to 9 products for you to choose which makes your healthy daily life more exciting and special every day.


Spaghetti Bolognese

20 Ingredients +10 Hours = A bowl of delicious pasta

LEO’s signature bolognese is truly a labour of love. The sauce starts with a mixture of minced beef and pork sausage, cooked slowly with onions, leeks, carrots, celery, herbs, and three different preparations of tomato. All together, more than 20 different ingredients are simmered together for 10 hours. The finished sauce is redolent of thyme, basil, red wine, fresh cheese and tomato, blended with the rich umami of good quality meat, the kind of taste that only time can create.

Our Story

We aim to inspire

Those born under the sign of Leo are usually enthusiastic, energetic, and bring sunshine to any room they enter. This is a constellation that infuses people with hope and a zest for life. It is also the name of the latest brand to be born under the umbrella of Groupe FLO.At LEO, pasta is treated with the respect it deserves as one of the world’s most popular foods. From lasagne to linguine, from penne to pappardelle, each different type of pasta is given a different treatment, meaning that you can feel the care and attention that has gone into each bowl.